Electricity Retail

Singapore has progressively opened the retail electricity market to competition to give consumers more options to manage their energy cost. Instead of buying electricity at the regulated tariff from SP Services (SPS), eligible consumers can choose to:

Switch to become a contestable consumer to

  • Buy from an electricity retailer who can provide packages with different price plans and services to suit your differing usage pattern; or
  • Buy from the Wholesale Electricity Market through SPS at prices that vary every half-hour. You will be subjected to price fluctuations.

Your electricity supply will not be affected, regardless of which option you choose, as the electricity will be delivered to you by SP Powergrid Ltd and metered by SP Services Ltd.

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How do we receive electricity?

In Singapore, all electricity users are connected to the same grid.

Electricity producers (or power plants) supply the generated electricity into the grid. The electricity grid (Power Grid) is fully managed by SP Powergrid to ensure homogeneity, reliability and consistency. At the other end, electricity users (consumers) tap from the same grid to draw their power for their consumption.


Market Liberalisation

Since 2001, electricity consumers in Singapore has increasingly more and more options when it comes to managing their energy cost. Instead of buying electricity at the regulated tariff from SP Services (SPS), eligible consumers can choose to buy electricity from electricity retailers under customised price plans or from the wholesale electricity market at prices that fluctuate every half-hour. The current eligibility threshold is set at 2,000kWh, meaning that commercial electricity consumers with a monthly usage of 2,000kWh can choose to buy electricity from SP Services or a licensed electricity retailer. With further plans to include the electricity users in the residential space and commercial users of less than 2,000kWh, many more consumers can now look forward to having a voice in their choice of how they buy electricity.


Switch with Confidence

 Same Accurate Meter

Metering at grid level is provided by SP Services Ltd. These meter readings are used to bill consumers regardless of who the retailer is.

 Same Reliable Power

Power is delivered to us through SP Powergrid Ltd. All consumers enjoy power with the same reliability no matter who they buy from.

Better Value

With the different energy plans, we cater to different groups of consumers, aiming to provide greater value with a plan that suits them best.

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