Demand Response Program

You will be paid to help ease the electricity load at times of high electricity prices.

  • When we identified the specific timing, we will send you a request to reduce electricity consumption.
  • You can respond with the agreed amount for the length of time.
  • After a successful event, you will receive a payment calculated from the event.


Frequently asked questions.

Question: What can I do to reduce electricity consumption?

Answer: You can turn on your standby generators or switch off a few air conditioners. Or you can reschedule your production outside the targeted hours.

Question: How much will I receive?

Answer: The payment varies with the amount of reduction, duration and payout price. If you reduce 500KW for 2 hours and with a payout price of $500/MWh, you will receive $1,000.

Please download our Demand Response Program Introduction to learn more.

Partnering with Just Electric

We have successfully delivered consistent benefits to our clients under this program. To find out more, write to us at or complete the form below.