Electricity Retail Plans

Fixed Rate

A fixed energy rate provides consumers with certainty. Regardless of changes in oil prices or other factors, the energy rates remain the same. This caters to consumers who value certainty and have an idea of the amount they are willing to allocate to their energy expenses.

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 Tariff Discounted

The tariff discounted plan provides consumers with a  discount off the regulated tariff rates for their electricity. Even though regulated prices change every quarter, consumers enjoy a fixed discount percentage throughout the tariff discounted plan.

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Dual Tiered

A dual tiered plan has two rates: Day rates and Night rates. Day rates apply to usage between 7am to 7pm while Night rates apply to usage between 7pm to 7am. Both rates are priced according to the market for the best price possible in the quarter. New rates for the following quarter are updated before the next quarter start where night rates are typically lower than day rates.

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